Pitchforks and Torches

by TheOvertunes

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What isn't it about? This song is a microcosm of the whole human mindset. We love, we hate, we smile, we cry, we celebrate, we mourn, yet, in the end, emotions are emotions. It is not what defines who you are. God gave you a brain so you can think, gave you a soul so you can understand. Our actions define who we are. Let's not let our 'feelings' take control. Let Him in, take control. God bless.


Pitchforks and Torches

Hey hey
little heart inside me
don't be angry
when you're just worried

Hey hey
fire inside me
don't burn my body
and their's too

ye heah pitchforks and torches
get away from my head and my mind, too

ye yeah think things they're gorgeous
and let them stay in my soul and my heart, too

Whoa there
my thoughts betray me
this is insanity
get back to reality



released October 13, 2012
Lyrics : Mikha Angelo and Jeremy Tobing

Composer : Mikha Angelo

Music by : TheOvertunes




TheOvertunes Jakarta, Indonesia

ndonesian Band of brothers. Write music to shine positive light and messages. @Angelo_Mikha | @Reu_Nathaniel | @MadaEmmanuelle | CP : +62 815 10517576 (Deby)

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